A Word of Welcome from Harriet Lewis

Dear Traveler,

After my mother passed away, I cleaned out the desk I’d used as a child. Tucked away in a drawer, I found stacks of old travel brochures that I’d started collecting when I was nine years old. There I was, 45 years old, suddenly remembering that I’ve been interested in travel from a very young age. I remembered how I used to fantasize about going to Africa to see the wildlife and the wide open land, or to London to see the bridges falling down.

Today, I’ve visited more than 100 countries—and I still fantasize about so many others. For me, travel is addictive; I get a physical thrill when I add pages to my passport. And as my passport grows, so do I—both emotionally and spiritually. By meeting new people and seeing how they live their lives, I see how alike we all are, and I’m reminded that this truly is one world.

I know Grand Circle travelers are also passionate about exploring other countries and cultures … and that’s one of the reasons why I created Harriet’s Corner: I wanted us to have a special place where we could learn from and about each other by sharing stories about the places we’ve been—and the people we’ve met— during our travels.

Whether you’re new to Grand Circle or have traveled with us before, I hope you’ll become part of the Harriet’s Corner community, connecting with fellow travelers while learning more about our trips. And I hope what you find in these pages will inspire you to continue exploring this world of ours with open hearts and minds, as well as open passports.

Best wishes and happy travels,

Harriet Lewis
Vice Chairman
Grand Circle Travel