Discovering the Joys of Small Ship Travel

Early in December, I took a group of family and friends on a trip to the Middle East, which included time aboard a small ship. (I posted photos of the trip on Facebook—it really was quite an adventure!) Our ship was a bit different than the ones you’ll cruise on with Grand Circle, but the overall experience was the same. And while I’m familiar with Grand Circle’s fleet of river ships, I must admit one thing: This was my first time actually traveling this way.

Well, I loved it. The ship pulled right up along the dock, and we were free to come and go as we pleased—wandering around little towns like Hurghada, Port Said, and Luxor, and then walking or taking a quick cab back. As we cruised, I loved just sitting and watching the river go by—it’s so easy, visual, and peaceful. It made it much easier to actually write in my journal! What really made the experience shine, though, was the crew. They were amazing—so knowledgeable. Our guides worked beautifully with our group, despite our different interests, energy levels, and needs. Not an easy job, but they made it look that way.

Now I really understand why you all rave about your river cruise experiences! Just ask Linda Totten, who submitted this month’s Traveler Story. River cruising—and Grand Circle—has become a family tradition that spans generations.

Do you have your own cherished travel traditions? If so, I’d love to hear about them. I always look forward to receiving your emails—or, please post your comments here.