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The Photography of Bradford Washburn, 1910-2007

Inside an airplane flying in below-zero temperatures 20,000 feet above the Earth, Bradford Washburn removes the side door, balancing precariously in the opening, while anchored by a 75-pound camera.

This scene may have taken place years ago, but Bradford Washburn’s adventurous spirit continues to inspire us today. Explorer, photographer, mountaineer, and scholar, he enjoyed a career as an aerial landscape photographer that spanned six decades. His innovative photographic techniques are spectacular and bold; the resulting black-and-white pictures are breathtaking in their simplicity and elegance.

The author of eight books, Mr. Washburn received commissions for his photography from the National Geographic Society, Pan-American Airways, and others; one of his photographs was selected as one of the best photographs of the first 15 years of Life magazine; and his images have been exhibited at Boston’s Museum of Science and Museum of Fine Arts, New York’s Museum of Modern Art, Alaska’s Anchorage Museum, and London’s Victoria and Albert Museum, among many others.

“One never knows what to expect from this roving genius of mind and mountains.”

—Ansel Adams, legendary photographer

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