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You’ll see a variety of destinations at an easy tempo. Land Tours are ideal for travelers who value camaraderie, as well as independence. Enjoy a generous roster of included sightseeing featuring the “must see” landmarks, as well as the undiscovered gems most travelers never see. Our pacing also provides free time for you to relax, explore independently, and experience local cultures in a meaningful way.

Go back to school

Meeting local children during neighborhood school visits is one of our travelers’ most beloved activities. Because we value the children’s education as much as yours, we work carefully with local educators to make sure we don’t disrupt the curricula.

Dine at home with local families

Our trademark Home-Hosted events are about as up-close-and-personal as you can get to local culture. They take you right into neighborhood households to meet the family, enjoy a meal, and share details of your lives. The menu and the venue may change, but you will always savor the hospitality and good will, no matter which vacation you choose.

Candid discussions with qualified experts

Be it from a university educator, a local historian, a guest lecturer, or even your own Program Director, we make sure you get the inside story on a variety of subjects—even those considered controversial.

Learn by doing

You won’t just be a spectator—you’ll be a participant in local life as you try your hand at new activities. Whether you’re kicking up your heels during a local musical performance or learning to prepare a traditional dish, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the culture—and have so much fun in the process.

» View All Land Tours