Understanding our Hotel Ratings

Many of our accommodations feature ratings based on classifications from the Hotel and Travel Index, a travel industry standard for over 70 years. Their unique 10-tier system categorizes hotels as Deluxe, First Class, or Tourist Class, and may further define a category as Superior, Moderate, or Limited-Service. You can use the rating descriptions below to help determine the value of your hotel and your trip.

Hotel and Travel Index Ratings

10 - Superior Deluxe

An exclusive hotel offering the highest standards of accommodations, facilities, and personal service. Guest and public rooms are luxurious, and service is impeccable.

9 - Deluxe

An outstanding property offering many of the same features as a Superior Deluxe that, in many instances, may be just as satisfactory. There may be fewer amenities or services.

8 - Moderate Deluxe

Basically a Deluxe hotel, but frequently more heavily marketed to business clients or groups. Expect outstanding accommodations and public rooms. May not be as intimate or exclusive or may have less emphasis on atmosphere or personal service.

7 - Superior First Class

An above average First Class hotel with some outstanding features and a broad range of services. Guest rooms and public areas are tastefully furnished and very comfortable.

6 - First Class

A dependable, well-maintained hotel with comfortable accommodations and public areas with a full range of services, amenities, and facilities.

5 - Limited Service First Class

A property offering full first class comfortable, quality accommodations, but limited public areas, dining, and facilities. Usually moderate in size.

4 - Moderate First Class

Essentially a First Class establishment with comfortable but sometimes simple accommodations. Public areas may be limited. Some first class features may be lacking, but generally provides all the essentials a guest requires.

3 - Superior Tourist Class

Accommodations are well kept and functional, some with charming or intimate features. Many with in-room amenities designed for business travelers. Usually public rooms and facilities are limited.

2 - Tourist Class

A property providing basic room amenities, but few services. May have some facilities or features of Superior Tourist Class. Accommodations may be standardized. Often in locations convenient to highways, business or airports.

1 - Moderate Tourist Class

A budget property with a no frills approach, providing basic accommodations for the traveler.

Unrated Hotels

Some hotels appear on itineraries without classification. This could be because the hotel is too new, too remote, or the editors at the Hotel and Travel Index did not have enough information to make a fair evaluation. This does not reflect negatively on the property in any way. All of our hotels been evaluated by our travel planners as meeting our standards for quality, comfort, and value.