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Pack Your Bags
On her most recent OAT trip, 5-time traveler and Group Leader, Toni Bullock and her 19 companions didn’t just want to visit a Maasai village—they wanted to make a difference.

The Unintended Group Leadership of Diane and James Craig
Diane and James Craig hadn't planned to lead the way for an Ultimate Africa: Botswana, Zambia & Zimbabwe Safari, but before they knew it, they had gathered an entire group to join them.

Sixteen People: One Amazing Gift
Ever since viewing Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom as a young girl, Anne Guiltinan—a 2-time traveler from San Francisco, California—became captivated with the Serengeti, and dreamed of traveling there one day.

Traveling the World With Tom’s Christian Tours
After 22 years as a teacher, Tom retired in 1995—but wanted to continue leading group travel tours. After discussing this with his wife, Janie, they decided to officially form "Tom’s Christian Tours."

One Adventure After Another With the Rhone Rovers
As Gail Rhone—one of the founding Group Leaders of the Rhone Rovers—explains, “Our group kind of came together unexpectedly after our first trip with OAT to Peru.” During this adventure, Gail and her husband, Richard, met two other couples—and they got along so well, they decided to travel together again.

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