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Helpful Hints for Referring New Travelers

Referrals that work

Host a Travel Party:
In a Travel Party, a Grand Circle representative comes to your home to share information about our trips and offers exclusive savings to your friends and family. You’ll earn $100 to $200 just for hosting—plus Vacation Ambassador referral rewards for any new travelers who reserve. Call us at 1-855-628-0162 or email for more information.

Send friends and family on their own vacations:
You do not need to travel with your friends and family to earn Vacation Ambassador rewards, so you can refer new travelers regardless of your own travel plans.

Use the internet:
Share your trip photos or stories on Facebook or personal travel blogs. All new travelers can use your name and Customer Number to save $100 and help you earn rewards—even if you only know them online.

Introduce a solo traveler to Grand Circle:
Solo travelers save an average of $500-$5000 per person with Grand Circle, and all of our Land Tours have FREE single supplements. So help your friends and family discovery the best solo value in the travel industry.

Places to spread the word to your friends and family

• Your neighborhood
• Senior centers or country clubs
• Churches, temples, and mosques
• Volunteer organizations or your workplace
• Book clubs or activity groups


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