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Explore by Land

Traveling by ship gives us the greatest access to the world’s most fabled ports. And once we dock, your international discovery is just beginning. Grand Circle Cruise Line’s included tours will show you everything you’ve dreamed of seeing—and more. And thanks to the expertise of our resident Program Directors, you’ll experience your destination’s most storied sites—from 16th-century Baroque castles in Germany to breathtaking classical ruins in Greece—all through the eyes of an expert. Accompanied by those who know them best, you’ll walk hallowed halls and gaze at inspiring landscapes, learning about the history and legends that make each destination unique. And your Program Director can provide insightful suggestions on how to use the free time that is built into every Grand Circle Cruise Line vacation.

Become part of the local culture in your small group of never more than 25 to 47

Only Grand Circle Cruise Line takes you one step further, connecting you to local culture through our enriching Discovery Series events. These exclusive cultural encounters and learning activities are woven into every trip, each revealing special nuances of your destination. When you travel with us, you won’t just be a spectator—thanks to your small group of no more than 25 to 47 travelers, you’ll be a participant. Sample the flavors of France at a local market in Paris. Chat with schoolchildren in Croatia or World War II veterans in Russia. Hear a fascinating discussion on German Life Since 1933 or join a traditional Greek cooking class. We’ve designed these experiences so you’ll gain a richer understanding of your destinations—and have fun in the process!

Immerse yourself in the history and daily lives of your destinations

On every Grand Circle Cruise Line vacation, you’ll enjoy a variety of included tours that encompass both the iconic landmarks of your destination and uniquely local gems that few Americans experience. Depending on your chosen itinerary, you’ll embark on city tours via motorcoach, walking tours of historic squares, donkey rides to the top of ancient isles, guided visits to UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and more. These excursions do more than just introduce you to the local sites: They’ll give you firsthand knowledge of the culture and history of your destinations and illuminate the daily lives of its inhabitants.

Enter the homes of local residents—sharing traditions and friendship

Our popular Home-Hosted Visits bring you into local residents’ homes for friendly conversation, gracious hospitality—and often, a freshly baked cake or home-cooked meal. And not only will you become immersed in the cultural traditions and everyday customs of your hosts’ country, but you’ll have the chance to ask them questions about their daily lives. By gathering around a table, sharing cuisine and conversation, you will gain a better understanding of your destination—and get to know your hosts and fellow travelers more personally. By the time the last plate is cleared, you’re likely to have made new friends.

Customize your own experience with freedom and flexibility

With Grand Circle Cruise Line, you’ll enjoy an array of choices that allow you to tailor your vacation to your tastes, interests, and energy level. You may fill your days with included tours and activities; explore ports at your own pace; relax and watch the passing scenery from our comfortable lounge or Sun Deck—or do all of the above from one day to the next. To gain a fuller view of your destination and delve more deeply into local history and culture, each of our itineraries also offers an a la carte selection of optional tours that highlight a particular site or aspect of the places you visit.

Experience even more of the world with optional trip extensions

Every Grand Circle Cruise Line vacation also features optional pre- and post-trip extensions, including several alternatives in some cases. This means you can enjoy a more comfortable pace, while adding another city or country to your explorations. Plus, our extensions allow you to take advantage of your already-included international airfare and maximize the value of your travel dollar—further lowering your per diem costs, even as you linger leisurely in elegant Vienna, explore the ancient wonders of Athens, or bask in the cultural richness of Paris.

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